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Health care professionals have a duty to provide a certain level of care to their patients. This duty is not restricted to surgeons or emergency room staff, but extends to all medical professionals, including your eye doctor, dentist and general practitioner.

Unfortunately, there are instances where a doctor's carelessness or negligence can result in a patient's injury or death. At Fred M. Kennedy, P.C., our Augusta detached retina malpractice attorney has significant experience holding doctors and their staff accountable for your injuries.

Legal Representation for Retinal Detachment

The vitreous is a gel like substance that is attached to the back of the eye. As a person ages, the vitreous often breaks down and pulls away from the eye. This is a normal occurrence which frequently does not cause any pain or damage to the eye.

However, the pulling of the vitreous can cause a tear or tiny hole in the retina requiring immediate medical attention by a retina specialist.

Failure of the eye doctor to provide proper follow-up care and treatment can result in retinal detachment leading to loss of vision which under certain circumstances is preventable if diagnosed in a timely manner. Your doctor should be aware of typical retinal detachment symptoms, such as increasing "floaters" and/or "flashes" in the eye and possibly a curtain moving throughout your field of vision.

Retinal detachment can lead to loss of vision and is preventable if diagnosed in a timely manner. Your doctor should be aware of typical retinal detachment symptoms such as increasing "floaters" in your eyes, increased flashes and gray veils moving throughout your field of vision.

These symptoms can be present from several weeks to three or four months before your retina detaches itself from your eye.

If you had these well-known symptoms, yet failure to diagnose by your doctor has caused further vision loss, you might be entitled to compensation for lost wages, additional medical costs and other damages.

In fact, you might be entitled to compensation if your doctor properly diagnosed you, but due to a lack of continuing care your condition deteriorated or your injuries worsened.

Our law office offers a welcoming atmosphere where you can comfortably talk to our experienced lawyer about your situation. Fred M. Kennedy has helped people like you for more than three decades and is ready to help you hold your eye doctor accountable.

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