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Post-Decree Modification Attorney in Augusta

Signing a document. Starting a business partnership. Augusta, GA.

What happens if your circumstances change after a divorce? It can be hard to predict what your financial situation is going to be like.  Maybe what you’re currently experiencing isn’t the same as when you first got a divorce.  If you’re struggling with the arrangements that were made initially, you may want to consider a… Continue Reading

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Contractor

Construction Worker Fell On Job Site Augusta GA

Are you thinking about doing some renovations or perhaps you’re ready to build your first home in Augusta?  The possibilities can be amazing and the excitement through the roof. Unfortunately, there are too many cases of contractor neglect that leave homeowners wanting to throw in the towel, not knowing what to do.  Having the right… Continue Reading

6 Reasons You Should Get A Prenuptial Agreement

Lawyer Consulting with Clients Augusta GA

A prenuptial agreement (also known as a prenup or a prenuptial) is a financial agreement that two people make before they get married. It details the assets and debts of both parties at the time of marriage, as well as future ones, and determines who is responsible for what, if the marriage is terminated by… Continue Reading

3 Tips to Avoid Getting Your Bill Sent to Collections

Past Due Debt Collection Notice Augusta GA

Were you recently sick or had an accident and are now stuck with a pile of medical bills? Finding the money to keep the debt collectors happy, all while still recovering and trying to put food on the table can cause you to throw your hands up in the air and give up. Here are… Continue Reading

The Adoption Process: Dot the I’s and Cross the T’s

Beaitiful Family Sitting Down Augusta GA

Accepting a new member into your family can bring on a multitude of different emotions for all parties involved.  Having an experienced family lawyer in Augusta, GA by your side will take some of the stresses and worry off your hands so that you can enjoy the more pleasant side of adoption. Fred M. Kennedy,… Continue Reading

Have You Planned Your Estate?

Estate Planning Worksheet Augusta Georgia

A death in the family brings out the best and the worst in people. On the one hand, you can probably expect food to be brought to the funeral and even help trying to find the right clothes for burial. On the other hand, there may be arguments over everything from that outfit you chose,… Continue Reading

When A Former Business Partner Steals Your Clients

Signing a document. Starting a business partnership. Augusta, GA.

You and your friend Bill started a new company with all the hope in the world. While you trusted your partner and were excited to work together, business sense prevailed: you each signed a “non-compete” form, with various other contracts and documents and got started building your dream. Five years in, the company was doing… Continue Reading

Three Ways to Prepare Your Family for Your Loss

Estate Planning Worksheet Augusta Georgia

The older you get, the more you begin to face your own mortality. You may begin to look into planning end of life decisions for your family, so they won’t have to stress about the details once you’re gone. Whether you have adult children and grandkids or young children still in school, planning your estate… Continue Reading

The Three “Ships” of Estate Planning with Kids

Augusta GA Probate Attorney

New parents realize that the world is fraught with dangers for their baby. A sneeze could mean pneumonia; a distracted driver might cause a fatal accident. The lists go on and on. It’s hard to keep your cool when you see how threatening the world can be. One of the greatest potential dangers to your… Continue Reading

When Home Isn’t A Safe Space

Augusta GA Attorney for Domestic Violence Cases

The days you hear your partner before he walks in the door are better than the days he comes home silent. You know if you can hear him, his anger has an outlet; he might say horrible, ugly things, but you’ll be physically unharmed for the evening. When he comes home silent, his eyes cold,… Continue Reading

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