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Medical Malpractice Could Happen To You!

Augusta GA Family Law Attorney

Medical dramas are fun to watch. From ER to Grey’s Anatomy, even Untold Stories of the ER, there is no doubt that you are hooked! Sure, part of the allure is the personal drama that goes on, but the actual medical cases are intriguing. What really gets your attention is when all the drama gets… Continue Reading

How Do I Deal With Business Defamation?

Augusta GA Lawyer for Businesses

A former employee or a rival business has been starting rumors, ruining your business’ reputation. You’ve been losing customers – and even lucrative business deals – through no fault of your own. What can you do? You may have a business litigation case of defamation. What is Defamation? Defamation generally takes two forms: slander and… Continue Reading

Tips to Get Your Business Partnership Off to a Great Start

Signing a document. Starting a business partnership. Augusta, GA.

Starting a business partnership is a fun way to build your dreams with someone you trust. There’s nothing wrong with getting into business with a friend. But there are some pitfalls and disadvantages to be aware of. For example, you may encounter these common challenges: Casual interaction eroding respectability in business dealings Difficulty determining who… Continue Reading

Do You Suspect Augusta Nursing Home Neglect?

Augusta GA Lawyer for Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Augusta is home to some of the best nursing home and residential facilities in our area. However, senior abuse or nursing home neglect can occur anywhere…even close to home. If your family or loved one has been impacted by a negligent medical professional or nursing home staff, Fred M. Kennedy will do everything possible to… Continue Reading

What is a Years Support Proceeding?

Augusta GA Probate Attorney

If you’ve recently been widowed or have lost a parent, “getting legal and estate affairs in order” isn’t likely at the top of your to-do list. Yet, it’s an essential step that must be completed. Fortunately, our Richmond County lawyer can help you secure extra time for legal proceedings to delay certain types of financial… Continue Reading

Augusta Legal Child Custody and Support

Augusta GA Lawyer for Child Custody

Legal separation or divorce can be one of the most trying times of a person’s life…especially if you’re a parent. As an Augusta attorney who works in family law, Fred M. Kennedy understands better than just about anyone. In cases involving child custody and child support, it’s important to have an experienced family law attorney… Continue Reading

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