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Whether it’s the hope of establishing a new venture or maximizing the potential of a business with the combined expertise of two or more parties, a business partnership begins with the best of intentions. Even so, business conflicts surface for a number of reasons. These reasons may include partnership disagreements, negligent accounting, excessive debt, differences in work ethic, style, management strategies and more. Thus, when attempts at resolution or reconciliation have failed, partners may move towards business dissolution, otherwise known as a “business breakup or divorce.”

Given the number of legal and economic concerns involved in dissolving a business, such as distribution of assets, liabilities, customer accounts, dealing with contractual relationships, paying employees and the consideration of intellectual property, partners need the legal expertise of a lawyer to successfully overcome the hurdles of a business break-up.

Attorney Fred M. Kennedy, P.C., understands that when professional business partnerships begin to fall apart, there is often a breakdown in trust as well. With a longstanding commitment to businesses for over 40 years, attorney Fred Kennedy listens intently, acts decisively and offers solid solutions that will relieve the stress of your complex business problems.

For a seasoned business dissolution lawyer serving Richmond County and Southeastern Georgia, contact the Augusta practice of Fred M. Kennedy, P.C. today.

Dissolution of Professional Practice Partnerships and Shareholders

Any business break-up can turn into a high-stakes case. Yet, the dissolution of professional practice partnerships or corporations involving a personal service, such as medicine or law, can be particularly dicey. For instance, when a doctor leaves a practice, patients must decide whether they will remain at the practice or follow the doctor to a new one. There are both professional and ethical rules that govern this type of scenario and potential questions related to tort liability.

Issues involving professional practice partnerships and shareholder disputes are unique. The knowledge and expertise of a qualified and reputable business dissolution lawyer is necessary when conflict arises.

At his Augusta law firm, attorney Fred M. Kennedy, P.C., brings decades of experience in commercial law and business disputes to clients in Richmond County and Southeastern Georgia. When conflict and the breakdown of your business relationships interrupt your life, you can trust attorney Fred Kennedy to be the confidant and advisor you need.

For a free consultation to discuss the details of your dispute, contact the law firm of Fred M. Kennedy, P.C. today.

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