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At the Georgia family law firm of Fred M. Kennedy, P.C., our attorney strives to provide parents and children with the smoothest possible transition to life after divorce.

For 40 years, Fred M. Kennedy has counseled individuals, couples and families who are going through a divorce with children involved. Whether the issue is paternity, a grandparent seeking visitation rights or a parental relocation matter, we do what we can to maintain your role in your child’s development.

Mr. Kennedy puts your child’s best interests first in all discussions of children’s issues, including custody and support. If a negotiation can produce consensus for formulation of a shared parenting routine, he will pursue that strategy. If litigation is necessary, he will aggressively protect your rights throughout the process.

Clients located throughout Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia and Martinez, Evans, Grovetown, Columbia County, Georgia and the Central Savannah River Area can reach us toll free at 866-369-4435. Messages left after business hours are promptly returned on the next office day. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

Factors That Affect Custody And Support Matters

Georgia courts recognize the best interests of your child, and so do we. Factors weighed for child custody arrangements can vary from county to county; however child support guidelines are statewide, uniformly applied and income-based.

Mr. Kennedy informs you of all available custody options so you can make wise decisions about your future. He explains the distinctions between legal, sole legal, joint legal, primary physical and secondary physical custody.

If left to a court to decide, your child custody arrangements can have a definite impact on financial support of your child. Expenses to be discussed can relate to education, religious upbringing, recreational and extracurricular activities.

Once custody and support levels are established, our skilled lawyer can help you with modifications of responsibilities if dramatic lifestyle changes occur at a later date, or enforcement actions if custody and support obligations are not fulfilled. Put Fred’s 40 years of family law experience to work for you. We invite you to discuss your child custody and child support goals during a free consultation at our Augusta law office.

Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation

Contact us toll free at 866-369-4435 or via our online contact form. Evening or weekend meetings are available by appointment.

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