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Without question, construction disputes have the power to dramatically increase a project’s cost or even worse, derail the project altogether. Whether the quality of construction is under question, workers’ performance, specific expenses, billing and orders or the timeliness of a project, attorney Fred M. Kennedy, P.C., continues to provide trusted legal counsel to individuals and businesses throughout Southeastern Georgia.

Having built a lifetime of relationships across the region since 1977, attorney Fred Kennedy understands that finding a swift solution to your construction dispute is perhaps the best way to avoid the headache of added costs and delays. Thus, whether you are a general contractor, subcontractor, developer, supplier or homeowner, the law firm of Fred M. Kennedy, P.C., invites you to call today to schedule a consultation regarding your construction dispute.

Augusta, Georgia Construction Disputes and Business Fraud Lawyer

For any construction project, a number of professionals, laborers, manufacturers and vendors contribute to the value of the project or design in some way. Thus, it’s easy to understand why construction disputes remain the subject of countless legal battles.

Perhaps you’re a homeowner dealing with a construction or renovation defect. On the other hand, suppose multiple contractors are caught in the crosshairs of a project that has gone wrong. Maybe there’s an issue with non-payment, necessitating the enforcement of a mechanic’s lien or an issue regarding building permits, ordinances or land usage.

Whether you are labeled a “contractor” or a “claimant,” if you are facing a construction dispute, attorney Fred M. Kennedy, P.C., is the construction disputes lawyer you need to successfully navigate the complexities associated with your claim. For a free consultation to discuss your dispute and begin moving towards a resolution, contact attorney Fred M. Kennedy’s Augusta law firm today.

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