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“Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”

Augusta GA Lawyer for Disputes with Neighbors

…Except when they don’t. You put up fencing around your back forty acres using the same boundaries you’ve always used: The Big Oak, the pond, the Old Shed, and the island of pine trees. But when you went back to walk the property, you discovered the wire cut and the fence posts damaged. The next day, you got a certified letter from your neighbor that you had encroached upon his property and are required to move half the fencing. It’s enough to make you see red! What rights do you have – or not have – when it comes to managing your Augusta homestead?

Before You Act Rashly

Fred Kennedy has experience in resolving property line disputes between neighbors, whether residential or commercial. We can assist you in the process of researching your claim and communicating with your neighbor over the dispute.  If your case goes to court, we can help ensure your rights are protected.

Get Your Land Surveyed

The first thing you need to do is find your deed or mortgage documents to show the legal details of where your property line lies. Secondly, you need a surveyor to determine the physical location of the description in the deed. If there is an overlap in the description of your parcel of land and your neighbor’s plot just adjacent to yours, then mediation and a judge may be required to resolve the dispute.

Remember, you may not like the neighbor you have a disagreement with, but in the end, you both want only what is rightfully yours. A peaceful resolution is in the best interest of all parties. At the Augusta law offices of Fred Kennedy, we will do everything possible to help you resolve your property dispute quickly and peacefully.

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