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When Home Isn’t A Safe Space

Augusta GA Attorney for Domestic Violence Cases

The days you hear your partner before he walks in the door are better than the days he comes home silent. You know if you can hear him, his anger has an outlet; he might say horrible, ugly things, but you’ll be physically unharmed for the evening. When he comes home silent, his eyes cold, his mouth mean, you know he’ll take it out on you.

You step on eggshells all evening, hoping to diffuse the anger instead of trigger it. Eventually, though, no matter how hard you try, he loses his temper and lays into you. Maybe the last time was months ago, or maybe it was just yesterday. Either way, you need to get help for yourself and your children.

Make the Law Work For You

Georgia family law makes specific provisions for victims of domestic abuse, but you’ll need an attorney who knows it inside and out to help protect you and your children.

The legal team with Fred M. Kennedy, P.C. can arrange for protective or restraining orders, and work toward your safer future. We are fully versed in the laws governing domestic violence and will fight for you. Contact us if you need help.

Domestic Violence affects approximately 35% of women in the United States according to statistics published by The National Domestic Violence Hotline. It takes not only legal support but also social support to leave an abusive situation.  Fred Kennedy will provide a free, private consultation for victims of domestic violence. The Hotline can help with the social aspect.

Make a plan, get help, and get out. Hope and a safer life is waiting for you.

Posted on behalf of Fred M. Kennedy, P.C.

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