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Injured in A Car Crash?

Augusta GA Auto Accidents Injury Attorney

What do you remember about your accident?  Probably not much.  After all, you weren’t expecting it, so you weren’t trying to make that particular memory. Still, you know you were sitting at a stoplight, the way you were supposed to be, until a vehicle missed its turn and plowed into you. You don’t remember the impact as much as you do the sounds and the way your head hit something (maybe the door?) as your car lurched over on its side.

What you do know is that you woke up in the ER with doctors hovering around you, wondering what happened to your child who was in her car seat. You woke up with a sense of dread because without your income, your family’s delicately balanced budget will not survive. You woke up in pain, with a checklist a mile long and growing by the second.

Auto Injury Attorney in Augusta

When you’re recovering from a car accident you need to be able to focus on getting well and healthy.  You may not have the strength or energy to fight with the insurance companies to get what you are due.

Now is the time to contact an attorney with experience, who will fight your battle for you. Now is the time to contact Fred M. Kennedy.  At our law firm, we do everything possible, within the bounds of the law to get the best settlements quickly, including payment for medical treatment and transportation, lost wages, and lost or damaged property.

Contact our Augusta offices today and find out how we can get justice and a fair settlement for you and your family after an automobile accident.

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