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Perhaps your business has suffered a loss, and you’re seeking compensation for damages. Imagine the frustration of a low assessment or an insurance company’s failure to settle. In another case, do you suspect that an insurance claim has been denied or delayed in bad faith? Have you received a specific medical treatment because you were led to believe that it was covered by your insurance policy, only to discover that it was not?

Are you tangled up in an insurance dispute? Ask yourself:

  • Do I have a valid insurance policy?
  • Have I suffered a significant loss?
  • Have I properly reported this to the insurance company?
  • Do I believe that my claim has been improperly denied?

For individuals and businesses in Richmond County and Southeastern Georgia, attorney Fred M. Kennedy, P.C., brings 40+ years of legal representation and business litigation, with a proven record of success. Call attorney Fred M. Kennedy’s Augusta law firm today to schedule your free consultation.

You Can Trust The Experience Of Fred M. Kennedy, P.C.

Insurance disputes encompass issues with many types of coverage, including:

  • Building fire insurance claims
  • Business income losses
  • General liability insurance claims
  • Healthcare insurance claims
  • Homeowner’s insurance claims
  • Liability insurance
  • Malpractice claims
  • Office insurance claims
  • Property insurance

Attorney Fred M. Kennedy maintains a commitment to the people of the region, bringing skillful negotiation and aggressive litigation, when necessary. You can trust the experience of attorney Fred Kennedy to handle your legal affairs conscientiously and effectively.

For a free consultation to discuss your insurance dispute, contact the Augusta law firm of Fred M. Kennedy, P.C. today.

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