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Medical Malpractice Could Happen To You!

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Medical dramas are fun to watch. From ER to Grey’s Anatomy, even Untold Stories of the ER, there is no doubt that you are hooked! Sure, part of the allure is the personal drama that goes on, but the actual medical cases are intriguing. What really gets your attention is when all the drama gets in the way of the doctors practicing medicine and something goes wrong. You have to keep watching to find out how they’re going to get out of trouble, and what happens to the patient whose LVAD wire got cut or whose baby was born prematurely because of a wrong medication.

That makes for gripping television, but the reality is that medical malpractice claims impact more than 100,000 lives annually in the US alone; that doesn’t count the number of lives it affects without death. It is a real, discernable threat to patients in hospitals and surgery centers throughout the country, but no one thinks it will happen to them.

What Makes It Malpractice?

For an injury caused by medical error to be considered malpractice it must meet three conditions:

1) The physician or medical center violated the standard of care.

2) The injury came about through neglect.

3) The patient suffered considerable loss.

Mistakes and less than ideal outcomes don’t make a case for medical malpractice; distracted, neglectful practices that cause harm do.

If you’ve been injured through medical malpractice, contact Fred M. Kennedy, P.C. at his Augusta law office and schedule a free initial consultation. If we think you have a case, we’ll pursue justice for you and your family relentlessly — no matter how long it takes!

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