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Given the many contexts and dynamics associated with civilian divorce, military divorce brings its own set of elements, adding to an already complicated process. While military families face issues similar to other couples such as division of property, alimony, child support, child custody and visitations, questions surface as to where to file for divorce and what jurisdiction will cover their proceedings. This is mostly due to the fact that many military couples have one party that lives or is deployed outside of the state. In this case, some may seek to delay divorce proceedings until they can return and deal with the matter in person. Even so, another important consideration is the division of military retirement funds, which are a form of marital property. The duration of the marriage and the number of years spent in military service are taken into account when allocating retirement funds.

If you are part of a military family and are going through a divorce, attorney Fred M. Kennedy, P.C., can help with family law. Since 1977, he has demonstrated legal leadership in helping military families navigate the divorce process, giving them complete peace of mind while conscientiously handling their legal affairs. To speak with attorney Fred M. Kennedy in a free and confidential consultation, contact his Augusta law firm today.

Helping Military Families Through Divorce

When military couples are going through divorce, they need the experience and expertise of a military divorce lawyer to help them make informed decisions regarding jurisdiction, military retirement, medical coverage and protection for former spouses. While federal laws and guidelines are in place to divide benefits, the circumstances of divorce are unique, with issues exclusive to military personnel.

Military families trust the experience and client commitment of Augusta attorney Fred M. Kennedy, P.C. Well versed in every element pertaining to military divorce, he is the advisor and confidant that families need to guide them through the process peacefully and effectively.

Attorney Fred Kennedy can be reached at his Augusta law firm. Contact our office today to schedule a free and private consultation to discuss your military divorce.

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