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Issued by a court to protect an individual that is being abused, threatened, harassed or stalked, an order of protection, or TPO (temporary protective order), forbids any contact with the person. This includes contact by telephone, email, mail or through another person (third party). Typically, individuals qualify for one of two types of protective orders. They are a family violence temporary protective order (Family Violence Act) or a stalking temporary protective order (the stalking law).

If an individual is able to prove that an act of family violence has been committed against them by the person in which the order is being sought and additional acts of violence are likely to occur in the future, they may qualify for a family violence TPO. Yet, both the petitioner and the respondent must be considered “family” as defined by the Family Violence Act statute. On the other hand, an individual may seek a stalking TPO when they have been subjected to harassment or intimidation by another person on a regular basis. It’s important to understand that while fear for one’s life constitutes filing for a stalking TPO, these cases are under subjective analysis, meaning they are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Because protective orders are determined individually, it is wise to contact a lawyer experienced in family law if you feel that you need to file a TPO or if you’ve been served with one.

Attorney Fred M. Kennedy continues to be a trusted advisor and confidant for individuals contemplating the need for a protective order or for those who need help understanding their rights after being accused. Schedule a free and private consultation with attorney Fred Kennedy. Contact his Augusta law firm today.

Attorney Fred M. Kennedy, P.C., Acts Decisively On Behalf Of His Clients

For victims of violence, harassment or stalking, the ability to file an order of protection provides welcome relief from a dangerous situation. Additionally, by involving the criminal justice system, perpetrators are at risk of being arrested if they disregard the order. Even so, there are conflicting accounts as to whether filing a TPO is actually effective and if penalties for violating the order are enough to ward off the offender.

For victims and the accused, Augusta attorney Fred M. Kennedy, listens carefully, investigates, asks the right questions and acts decisively on behalf of his clients. With 40+ years of experience and a strong record of advocacy, he handles your case conscientiously and professionally.

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