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For some parents, the idea of relocating following a divorce is an attempt at making a new start. While Georgia law does not provide many specifications concerning parental relocation, the parent seeking to relocate must provide at least 30 days’ notice to the other parent. In the event that a parent objects to the idea of the other relocating, he/she may seek to modify a previous child custody agreement.

Generally speaking, the state does not rule for or against a parent relocating. Rather, courts evaluate each situation, according to what is in the best interest of the child. Similarly, the state does not award one parent primary custody based on a previous hearing or agreement. Thus, when it comes to making significant life changes, such as relocating, obtaining a family lawyer is the best way to ensure that an amicable solution is reached.

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If you’ve determined that a change in location is essential to moving on with your life after a divorce, it’s important that you are prepared if you are sharing custody with another parent. Any significant changes in circumstances might lead to a modification of your previous child custody agreement.

With the best interests of the child in mind, Georgia courts examine a multitude of factors, some of which include:

  • Relationship between the child and each parent, including siblings
  • Ability of each parent to fulfill his/her parental responsibilities
  • Physical and mental competency of each parent
  • Each parent’s knowledge and understanding of the child’s needs
  • Safety of living environment
  • School and educational needs of the child
  • Each parent’s record of parenting duties
  • Criminal history of each parent

With a strong record of client commitment throughout Southeastern Georgia, including Evans and Richmond County, attorney Fred M. Kennedy, P.C., remains a trusted advisor and confidant for parents with joint custody agreements that are hoping to relocate. Without question, attorney Fred Kennedy’s careful planning and attention to detail will benefit your case. For a free and confidential consultation, contact him at his Augusta law firm today.

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