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While partnerships and business ventures begin with excitement and hope for the future, disagreements can quickly turn into complex corporate and business disputes. The best way to avoid these challenges is to enlist the help of an experienced business lawyer to prepare and establish necessary documents at the start of a partnership. Many of these partnerships and business ventures begin on the basis of a handshake. Unfortunately, when conflict arises, the future of the business is uncertain in the wake of growing tensions on both sides.

Business disputes form between partners and shareholders for a number of reasons, including disagreements pertaining to management, borrowing money, selling assets, contracts or control of a variety of operations and transactions. Specifically, when conflict arises in two-person partnerships or among shareholders owning an equal portion of the company, business documents provide instructions for settling the dispute without interrupting the “business” of the company.

Providing legal counsel to individuals and businesses in Evans and the Southeastern region of Georgia for 40+ years, attorney Fred M. Kennedy works to help with swift, yet solid solutions to partnership and shareholder disputes. Whether you are forming a business partnership or you are tangled up in a business dispute with another shareholder, call attorney Fred Kennedy at his Augusta law firm today for a free consultation regarding your case.

You Can Trust The Experience and Legal Leadership of Fred M. Kennedy, P.C.

When partners, officers or directors form a partnership or shareholder relationship, Georgia business law requires that each party act in the best interest of the other. In other words, parties owe it to one another to remain honest, trustworthy and loyal. Of course, in the context of business, individuals may tip the scale in their own favor from time to time. For instance, when one party acts in his own interest, disregarding the interest of the other partner or shareholder, he/she may be responsible for damages due to a breach of fiduciary duties.

Furthermore, when a shareholder engages in a “squeeze-out,” in which he/she attempts to push another shareholder out of the business, or when one partner intentionally excludes the other from control or management of the business (freeze-out), these are considered a violation or a breach of one’s fiduciary duties. With questions of shareholder fraud and potential liability on the table, the careful legal analysis of a qualified business lawyer is necessary.

Attorney Fred M. Kennedy continues to be a trusted advisor and confidant for individuals and businesses throughout Southeastern Georgia, including Evans and Richmond County. For a free consultation to discuss your business dispute, contact Fred M. Kennedy, P.C. in Augusta today.

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