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Post-Decree Modification Attorney in Augusta

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What happens if your circumstances change after a divorce? It can be hard to predict what your financial situation is going to be like.  Maybe what you’re currently experiencing isn’t the same as when you first got a divorce.  If you’re struggling with the arrangements that were made initially, you may want to consider a post-decree modification.

When to Consider Post-Decree Modification

Life happens. Sometimes, even for divorced couples, changes need to be made and agreements need to be re-evaluated.  If you’re going through any of the following after a divorce, you should consider a post-decree modification:

  • Alimony Payments: If you become unemployed or lose a significant amount of income due to an injury or perhaps a layoff you may alter your alimony payments.
  • Child Custody: Moving to another home that’s farther away or closer may mean that you can see your children more or less often, so your child custody rights should be updated.
  • Child Support: If you need help paying the tuition at the school you’re sending your children to, your child support should be evaluated.

Why Get Help with Post-Decree Modifications?

A lawyer can provide you with unbiased assistance.  Ex-spouses don’t always agree on updates and an attorney will help smooth line the process to ensure that your needs are being met.

Who Offers Post-Decree Modifications in Augusta?

While some court orders are easy to modify, others are much more difficult.  If you need help with a post-decree modification, then you can trust the Fred M. Kennedy.  Our attorney in Augusta and will work hard to get you what you deserve, even after the divorce is finalized. Call today to find out how.

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