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Your company cannot survive if customers fail to pay for the goods and services they receive from you. In these situations, it is important to act quickly because you have a better chance to collect a past-due account if you take action as soon as possible.

Similarly, individuals who need help collecting money can turn to our law firm for help. Whether you lent money to a friend or family member, or if someone breached a contract, our skilled collections lawyer can help you get the money you need.

Resolving Collections Issues In Georgia For Four Decades

Our Augusta law firm has built a long-standing reputation for success in collections cases. By customizing our approach to suit your specific needs, we are able to improve your chances of receiving full payment on past-due accounts.

Our firm’s founder has utilized pre- and post-judgment remedies in collections cases for 40 years. If a debtor does not respond to demand letters, calls or other collection methods, then further action is often necessary. For example, a court can issue a writ of attachment to seize assets or real property. This ensures that any future judgment you might receive will be satisfied. Obtaining a writ of attachment also works to persuade debtors to settle before litigation becomes necessary.

There are many post-judgment remedies available when prior remedies are unsuccessful. Fred M. Kennedy can help you get the money you or your business is owed by:

  • Discovering and locating the assets of the debtor
  • Obtaining wage, bank account or life insurance garnishments
  • Seizing personal or company assets
  • Obtaining judgment liens, which ties up a debtor’s real property
  • Obtaining a writ of possession

Get Help Obtaining Writs Of Attachment Or Possession

Contact us online or call toll free at 866-369-4435 to schedule your initial meeting with attorney Fred M. Kennedy. We represent clients in Richmond County and throughout southeastern Georgia. You can trust Mr. Kennedy to provide an honest assessment of your situation and carefully explain your legal options.

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