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When a family member or loved one dies, surviving members might find themselves sifting through complicated matters relating to their loved one’s estate. Without a doubt, this is a highly stressful and emotional time, as unexpected legal obstacles surface. Specifically, when there is no estate plan or final wishes documented, probate litigation might be needed to appoint a representative for the deceased and streamline the process of dividing assets. Furthermore, a probate litigation lawyer is also available to provide legal guidance for family members questioning the contents of a will, if the will is difficult to interpret or if undue influence is suspected.

Augusta attorney Fred M. Kennedy, P.C., maintains a strong commitment to clients throughout Southeastern Georgia, including Evans and Richmond County. Demonstrating 40+ years of legal leadership in probate litigation, attorney Kennedy is the trusted advisor and confidant that surviving family members need. For a free consultation to discuss your case, contact the law firm of Fred M. Kennedy today.

Contested Wills Attorney

While a well-written and legally sound will protects against conflict in the event that a loved one dies, there are instances when surviving family members dispute a will. Georgia law provides grounds for doing so, which includes incapacity, fraud, undue influence, improper execution and a later executed will.

In some cases, family members question the mental competency of a person at the time when their will was signed. However, they must be able to show that their loved one suffered from dementia, Alzheimer’s, a mental disorder or that they demonstrated signs of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol if they hope to prove incapacity. Other surviving members may claim that their family member was unduly influenced, coerced during the time that the will was created or changed or that signatures on the document were forged. Whatever the case, when a family member seeks to challenge or contest a will, an attorney is necessary to evaluate the case and provide the legal representation needed.

At his Augusta law firm, clients trust the 40+ years of experience and client commitment of attorney Fred Kennedy. While Mr. Kennedy provides aggressive representation for clients, he remains a trusted advocate and proponent of a peaceful resolution. A free, confidential consultation can be scheduled with Fred M. Kennedy by contacting his Augusta law firm today.

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