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Southeastern Georgia continues to experience record growth, in both the commercial and the residential sector. Thus, with a growing number of real estate contracts and agreements, there are an equal number of scenarios in which real estate disputes may arise. Some of these involve:

  • Contract disputes
  • Easement disputes
  • Faulty construction
  • Homeowner’s association disputes
  • Property line disputes
  • Negligent construction
  • Mechanic’s lien litigation
  • Misrepresentation in a contract
  • Deed has been inadequately drawn
  • Non-disclosure in contract negotiation
  • Environmental problems

Having served the region with proven legal expertise for 40+ years, Augusta attorney Fred M. Kennedy maintains a strong commitment to individuals and businesses in Evans and Richmond County. Whether you’re a home or business owner, real estate broker or agent, builder, contractor, sub-contractor, developer or management group, you can trust Fred M. Kennedy for all of your business litigation needs, including real estate transactions and disputes.

Contact Fred M. Kennedy, P.C., to Discuss Your Real Estate Dispute

When a real estate dispute interrupts your life and work, attorney Fred M. Kennedy, P.C., works to find a solid solution that will resolve your dispute efficiently and on favorable terms.

Are you involved in a commercial landlord-tenant dispute? Perhaps you’re facing a dispute involving earnest money, deposits or closing costs. From land use violations to mortgage foreclosure, zoning issues, encroachment claims, appeals of property tax assessments or property insurance litigation for various types of casualties, the law firm of Fred M. Kennedy, P.C. can help.

While attorney Fred Kennedy will work to avoid litigation in your case, he brings decades of trial experience to the resolution of your business or real estate dispute when necessary. To discuss your case today, contact the Augusta law firm of Fred M. Kennedy, P.C.

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