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Do You Suspect Augusta Nursing Home Neglect?

Augusta GA Lawyer for Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Augusta is home to some of the best nursing home and residential facilities in our area. However, senior abuse or nursing home neglect can occur anywhere…even close to home. If your family or loved one has been impacted by a negligent medical professional or nursing home staff, Fred M. Kennedy will do everything possible to ensure that your rights are protected.

No Concern is Too Big or Too Small

Nursing home neglect is no laughing matter. Whether it’s chronic bed sores from staff not taking time to turn patients over regularly, or weight loss due to lack of adequate meals (or even an oral infection under their denture) your loved one’s health is more critical than it’s ever been. During this season of their life, they deserve to be treated with the comfort and respect that any person would. Being unable to look out for themselves can provide abusers with ample freedom to take advantage of seniors or dementia patients that may not be able to reach out for help.

When Your Loved One Can Speak for Him or Herself

Long term care facilities and nursing homes are often essential to provide the level of medical care that a medically-compromised or elderly individual requires. Unfortunately, these loved ones may not be able to speak up for themselves. If abuse or malpractice is involved, the family members are the eyes and ears necessary to observe and report such suspicious activity. It’s what you would want, if the tables were turned.

Fred M. Kennedy has decades of experience helping our Augusta clients with cases involving medical malpractice, neglect, nursing home abuse, and wrongful death. If you’re concerned for your family member or how they’re being treated, we invite you to contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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