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The Adoption Process: Dot the I’s and Cross the T’s

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Accepting a new member into your family can bring on a multitude of different emotions for all parties involved.  Having an experienced family lawyer in Augusta, GA by your side will take some of the stresses and worry off your hands so that you can enjoy the more pleasant side of adoption. Fred M. Kennedy, P.C. can help you understand the requirements and guide you through the process.

Adoption Requirements from the State of Georgia

Married or non-married couples, as well as single adults (age 25 or above), can qualify to adopt in the State of Georgia.  The adopting parents, however, must be at least 10 years older than the individual they’re seeking to adopt.

As part of the adoption process, the State of Georgia has certain requirements that potential new parents must have.  They will be required to participate in the Adoption Preparation Program which consists of 23-hours of classroom training sessions. As well as undergoing a medical evaluation, drug screening, criminal background check, and a home safety check.

Personal character references and recent financial statements will also need to be submitted. You don’t have to be wealthy to qualify to adopt, the State of Georgia just wants to see that you can support a family.

Streamlining the Process

Since 1977 our attorney in August, GA has helped hundreds of parents through the adoption process. If you’re ready to take the next step and adopt a loved one into your family then you should give us a call. Come visit us today and learn how we can help you make sure all of the paperwork is processed for a privately matched adoption or finalizing a placement with your adoption agency.

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