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When A Former Business Partner Steals Your Clients

Signing a document. Starting a business partnership. Augusta, GA.

You and your friend Bill started a new company with all the hope in the world. While you trusted your partner and were excited to work together, business sense prevailed: you each signed a “non-compete” form, with various other contracts and documents and got started building your dream.

Five years in, the company was doing well, but Bill wants out.  He says he is burned out of the “rat race,” and you know it’s true. Both of you have put in extremely long hours trying to build and grow the clientele. So, you bought him out of the company, and continued to work to make it grow.

Less than a year later, a client mentions in passing that he’s talked to Bill about something related to your services. It doesn’t alarm you at first: you both were friendly with your clients and developed personal relationships with several of them. But then you began losing accounts. Loyal customers stopped using your services. A brief investigation reveals that Bill is providing the same services you do and has pulled several clients away from you.

Get Legal Help!

Navigating the contracts and forms you signed at the start and end of your partnership requires someone with expertise! Fred M. Kennedy, P.C. understands the ins and outs of business litigation and can help you resolve a dispute that arises as the result of a dissolved business relationship.

Don’t be a victim of circumstance or white-collar piracy.  Schedule your consultation at our Augusta office and find out how we can help stop your “Bill” in his tracks!

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